CHP Installations and Success Stories

The two major components of PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Killingly, Connecticut manufacturing facility’s CHP system consists of a Solar Centaur® 50 gas turbine and a supplementary-fired heat-recovery steam-generator (HRSG) from Rentech Boiler Systems, Inc., of Abilene, Texas. The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) uses the exhaust heat from the gas turbine to produce 325 psig steam used to heat the oil in the chip fryers, through a shell and tube heat exchanger. The two fryers use 24,000 #/hr steam each. The heat exhausted by the fryers is captured and used for space heating. The HRSG produces up to 60,000 lb/hr steam at peak firing capability. The GT's SoLo NOx dry, low-emissions combustion system, together with the SCR incorporated into the HRSG, limit NOx emissions to 2.5 ppm. The HRSG is capable of producing.