CHP Installations and Success Stories

Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, MA is a 600,000 square-foot hospital with 140 in-patient beds that has been in operation for 125 years. The facility has a central energy plant which provides electricity, heat and cooling for the hospital campus. The hospital facility has a 12 month consistent heat load for heating, absorption chilled water, food preparation and centralized sterilization. Cooley Dickinson has operated a Zurn - 550 HP biomass boiler with wet scrubber emissions control since 1984. In 2006, an AFS - 600 HP Water/Fire Tube high pressure boiler was installed. To take advantage of the higher pressure steam supply, two 250KW Carrier Energent Micro Steam Turbines and a 680 Ton Absorption Chiller were added to the energy plant in 2009. One of the turbines reduces the steam pressure from 250 psig to 75 psig for distribution thought the hospital. The second turbine reduces the steam pressure from 75 psig to 15 psig for use in the absorption chiller.