Today, Maine currently has 33 CHP sites. Of the 33, 12 of which are located in pulp and paper facilities, 2 medical centers, 7 in wood products facilities, and 4 in colleges or universities, among others. Altogether, these systems boast a capacity of over 935.5MW. This information along with further details can be found at the U.S. DOE Combined Heat and Power Installation Database.

In a study conducted by the Department of Energy in March 2016, it was apparent Maine's CHP capacity has room to grow. Maine has 494 MW of CHP technical potential capacity identified at 1,385 sites.[2]

A current list of CHP units in Maine is available through EEA's International Database.

NERAC has conducted several case studies of CHP in Maine.


Policy & Incentives

Maine has a number of programs and incentives designed to promote and support new and existing CHP projects. The State's "Large Customer Program" offers a non-proscriptive, rate payer funded program for CHP among other DER. In addition, there is CHP Technical Assistance Funding that pays for up to 50% of the project study needed to qualify for the Large Customer Program. The requirement attached is that the customer, and not the vendor, must share in the copay. Lastly, Maine offers incentives of up to 50% of installed costs with some restrictions. These incentives are capped at $1 Million per year per project, and is also based on annual reductions. For more information, see


State Agencies

Maine State Energy Program


There are 13 regulated electric companies in Maine, many of them quite small. The Maine PUC keeps a list of contact information for all utilities. The three largest utilities are:


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