CHP for Businesses: Educational Facilities

Central Connecticut State University: 2.5 MW CHP Application

The energy plant at Central Connecticut State University has three dual-fuel Nebraska boilers, which generate steam at 135 psig, the pressure needed by the absorption chiller. Steam is reduced to 65 psig for distribution through campus for heating. A 2,000-foot utility tunnel carries steam and chilled water distribution lines through campus...

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Colby College: 600 kW CHP Application

Colby, a liberal arts college in Maine, was chartered in 1813, making it the 12th-oldest independent liberal arts college in the nation. In 1998, an ice storm that knocked out power at several other Maine colleges spared Colby, but gave the people at Colby’s steam plant pause. Colby officials brought their proposal to the local utility, Central Maine Power Company, in 1998, and CMP came back with an offer to build and install the cogeneration system with the promise of a future rate reduction. Colby opted to build the plant itself, however, and in the end paid only slightly more, or $366,000, than expected...

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Williams College: 3 MW CHP Application

Williams College, located in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, was established in 1793 and now has 2,000 students. The college’s central heating plant operates throughout the school year to provide space heating and domestic hot water for the 450 acre campus and process heat for the dining hall. In 2000, the college began planning to upgrade the heating plant with the addition of a new boiler. Motivated by predictions of increasing electric rates, they decided to incorporate the boiler into a combined heat and power system that would generate electricity as well as steam. Installation of the new boiler and CHP system was completed in 2004. The CHP system runs approximately six months per year during the heating season. In fiscal year 2005, the college generated nearly 6 million kWh. The average annual electricity consumption of the campus is 26 million kWh...

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