Wastewater Treatment


Essex Junction WWTF: 60 kW CHP Application.

Until 2003, the Essex Junction wastewater treatment facility used half the waste methane gas produced by its anaerobic digester to fire the boiler that heated the digester. (Anaerobic digestion stabilizes wastewater sludge, reduces sludge volume, and eliminates pathogens.) The remaining waste methane gas was flared, because methane is a greenhouse gas that is 20 times as effective at trapping heat as carbon dioxide, the gas produced when methane is burned. Although facility officials had been interested in combined heat and power since 1992, high initial costs failed to satisfy the requirement of the facility’s governing board, that all projects have a simple payback of no more than seven years. Furthermore, it was unclear whether sufficient digester temperatures could be maintained when methane was used to fire a CHP system. The system was also required to emit no more pollutants than flaring methane did... (Download Brochure:  PDF)