New York State


Today, New York currently has 570 CHP sites. Of the 570, 33 are located in agriculture, 41 in hospitals or healthcare centers, 24 in colleges or universities, and 135 are in multi-family buildings, with many others employed in nursing homes, office, or other uses. Altogether, these systems boast a capacity of 5,775 MW. This information along with further details can be found at the U.S. DOE Combined Heat and Power Installation Database.

In a study conducted by the Department of Energy in March 2016, it was apparent NY's CHP capacity still has room to grow. New York has 10,818 MW of overall CHP capacity identified at 16,901 sites, with almost half of its potential (4,981 MW) coming from commercial on-site CHP, primarily in the commercial (office) buildings, colleges and universities, multifamily buildings, government buildings, and hospitals sectors.

A current list of CHP units in New York is available on the ICF International Database.


Policy & Incentives

New York has a number of programs and incentives designed to promote and support new and existing CHP projects. NYSERDA PON 2568 provide incentives for grid connected CHP systems at customer sites that pay the System Benefit Charge (SBC) on their electric bill. The CHP program includes a “Catalog Approach” and a “Custom System” Approach.  Applications accepted for systems <= 3 MWs through Dec. 31 2018. Applications accepted for systems >3 MW through Dec 31, 2016. For further information, visit NYSERDA's page. NYSERDA also offers incentives for 0.5-1.3 MW projects through its CHP Accelerator Program.[1]

In addition, the Clean Energy Fund includes CHP as an eligible technology in which NYSERDA may invest in, out of its current $2.7 billion Market Development Portfolio.

[1] Combined Heat and Power (CHP) as a Compliance Option under the Clean Power Plan: A Template and

Policy Options for State Regulators — April 2016



There are several major Investor Owned Utilities (IOU's) currently operating in New York: Consolidated Edison operates both in New York City and Westchester County, and in Orange and Rockland Counties as its subsidiary, Orange & Rockland Utility Inc. National Grid operates as Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., Iberdrola USA operates through two subsidiaries, NYS Electric & Gas Corp., and Rochester Gas & Electric. Central Hudson Gas & Electric is another major IOU in the state, and lastly the Long Island Power Authority provides power to the island via PSEG.