Project Profiles from the Northeast Region

There are many buildings already benefiting from integrated systems for cooling, heating and power. These systems use a variety of on-site or near-site power generation technologies integrated with a variety of heating and/or cooling technologies. The U.S. DOE's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERS) Program  has compiled a database of CHP site installations throughout the country.  Most project profiles found include general quick facts, basic technology overview, and specific contact information.  

The database is a tabular listing of the various installations of existing or potential CHP installations that provide information regarding the equipment and the site such as:

  • Site Name
  • Location
  • Project Status
  • Building Type 
  • Building Size
  • Project Description
  • Reasons for choosing CHP
  • Design Issues
  • Operating Schedule
  • Heating Load
  • Sensible Cooling Load
  • Latent Cooling Load

For convenience, all information in the database is searchable by the following parameters:

  • State
  • CIty
  • Building Type (NAICS Code)
  • Technology/Prime Mover