Rhode Island


Today, Rhode Island currently has 46 CHP sites. Of the 46, 7 are located in hospitals or healthcare centers, 2 in colleges or universities, and 6 are in multi-family buildings, among other uses. Altogether, these systems boast a capacity of 126.4 MW. This information along with further details can be found at the U.S. DOE Combined Heat and Power Installation Database.

In a study conducted by the Department of Energy in March 2016, it was apparent Rhode Island's CHP capacity still has room to grow. There is 616 MW of overall on-site potential identified at over 1,114 sites. Over half of this total (391 MW) is in commercial potential, primarily in the hospitals, commercial (office) buildings, colleges/universities, multifamily buildings and government buildings sectors.


Policy & Incentives

Rhode Island is working with its major utility, National Grid, to offer programs that promote and support new and existing CHP projects. The Combined Heat and Power Program has a system of tiered incentives, based on performance and system size. The National Grid Advanced Gas Technology Program based on adding natural gas load during off peak periods, gives incentives to projects that add non-heating load. A guide to the CHP Incentive Application process can be found here

Other Information

Environmental and Business Roundtables

The Office of Strategic Planning & Policy coordinates quarterly meetings for the Business and Environmental communities. These meetings facilitate open dialog between the environmental and business communities and the Director of DEM. Members use the meetings to discuss issues of mutual concern and possible solutions and to express unfiltered comments or opinions about the impacts of the Department's environmental efforts. If you are interested in being part of one of these groups, contact Terri Bisson at (401) 222-3434 extension 4402.

Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Stakeholder Project Organized by Raab Associates and the Tellus Institute

State Agencies

Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources serves as Rhode Island’s energy office.


  • National Grid is the primary utility in Rhode Island, providing both electric and gas distribution service.
  • Pascoag Utility District provides electric service to Pascoag and Harrisville RI