Free CHP Screenings from the U.S. DOE

Come visit us at the IDEA District Energy Conference June 28- July 1, 2015 in Boston, in booth # 20.

The U.S. DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (CHP TAPs) offer no-cost preliminary screenings and other technical assistance to help campuses evaluate the technical and financial feasibility of a CHP system. Whether you already have CHP and are looking to expand it, have district heating or cooling without CHP, or are new to district energy and CHP, our engineers and CHP experts can help walk you through the evaluation and project implementation process.

For a free CHP screening, bring along your data to the IDEA Campus Energy Conference, or get in touch with us before or after. To get started, we’ll typically need 12 months of electricity and natural gas consumption data (to be supplied by the central energy plant), the average all-in electricity and natural gas prices ($/kWh and $/MMBtu), the hours of heating/cooling per year, and the estimated average heating/cooling load during these hours.

Project Support

The US DOE Northeast CHP Technical Assistance Partnership is a source of independent technical information useful for organizations in the early stages of project evaluation. Clean energy is ideally suited for those facilities that have coincident electrical and thermal loads,continuous operation (24 hrs. x 365 days), low seasonal variation in loads, and high power reliability needs. Using our extensive expertise and national contacts, we can help organizations assess the potential and viability for clean energy projects at their facilities.

A typical project development cycle proceeds along the following track:

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